Lotus Clinical Research Takes the Pain Out of Their Orientation Process with New Video

1545 Media's Pasadena Studio

Video shoot in 1545 Media's Pasadena Studio Space.

Lotus Clinical Research has been performing in-patient hospital based studies since 2001 in hospitals including Huntington Hospital, Arcadia Methodist Hospital, and Glendale Adventist Hospital. 1545 Media has teamed up with them to produce a new 15-minute orientation video for their studies. Our team organized a shoot with the managing partner of Lotus, Neil Singla, in our Pasadena Studio. We editted a video with custom designed graphics and animations to maximize the audiences ability to absorb the necessary information. With the new video, Lotus will be able to more fully educate their participants on the procedures of their clinical studies.

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LMU President Addresses University Applicants

David W. Burcham Addressing a Crowd

David W. Burcham Addresses Applicants

Loyola Marymount University hosts an open house each year for high school students and their families who are interested in applying to the university.   It is tradition for the president of the university to welcome the students and their families to the campus and speak to them about the Jesuit beliefs and traditions of LMU. 

1545 Media supported Mr. David W. Burcham, President of Loyola Marymount University, by providing a presidential teleprompter setup for his address to the 2011 applicants hosted in Gersten Pavilion.

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1545 Media Adds Spice to the Taste of South Lake

The South Lake Business Association actively works to promote and improve the economic interest of the local businesses located on Pasadena’s Lake Avenue.  The association, led by Gina Tleel, asked 1545 Media to produce a short video promoting their fall event, The Taste of South Lake.  Our production team went to work to gather footage of the weekend festival and produced a promo spot featuring the local businesses as they welcome members of the community.    The South Lake Business Association has been using the video to successfully promote their event online and around the community. 

Get a taste of The Taste of South Lake

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Loyola Marymount University Streams President’s Convocation

David W. Burcham speaking at LMU President's Convocation

President Burcham Addresses LMU

Traditionally, the president of Loyola Marymount University, addresses the trustees, faculty, staff, students, and friends of the university as way to update them on the current state and sets forth plans for future developments.  

For the past 8 years, LMU has contracted 1545 Media to produce the live video production of the event.  This year our production team brought in the NewTek Tricaster for live switching of multiple high definition cameras and realtime encoding for Adobe Flash Video for streaming on the LMU website. 

Watch the President’s Convocation

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1545 Media Helps Bring Justice to the Courts

Bradley & Gmelich Logo

Glendale based, Bradley & Gmelich

Glendale based law firm Bradley & Gmelich called upon 1545 Media to assemble vital security camera footage into a splitscreen playback to help in their case.  Our editors were able to transcode the footage from the proprietary video format, sync the various angles, and export a split-screen playback which provided the court with a clear picture of the events recorded in the footage.  The footage was strong evidence for Bradley & Gmelich’s attorney’s to use in their arguements for court.

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