Online Marketing is a Must in a Down Economy

Online Marketing as a Higher Return on Investment

Online Marketing Maximizes Return on Investment

We all know that the economy of today is the toughest it’s been in a long time and the extra spending people were doing just a few years ago has dried up.  Now is the time for organizations, especially non-profits, to pay extra attention to their marketing plans.  Analysts are reporting that online marketing is the fastest growing segment of marketing and it’s due in part to the ability of an organization to accurately track the results of a specific campaign.  In fact, analysts predict that by the year 2013 half of all internet users will be using social media networks in their day-to-day life and this means organizations should be building their social networks now as a cost effective way to maintain their demographics. 

1545 Media’s New Media department is a leader in using social media, search engine optimization, and analytical analysis to help organizations to more cost effectively manage their advertising budget.  Our team’s goal is to help you create greater demand for your product, service, or organization by maximizing awareness in your specific demographic.

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