Trident University Adds Live Video Streaming to their Commencement Day

1545 Media Live Video Streaming Computer Setup

Distance learning is an ever growing way for students to earn degrees at their own pace.  Since the turn of the century and the proliferation of the internet, enrollment in online courses has increased drastically.  For members of the US Armed Forces, Trident University has been providing a flexible online curriculum that allows them to continue their studies at their own pace.  When it came to commencement time, Trident was looking for a way to extend this wonderful celebration to all members of their graduating class and their family and friends that might be not be able to with them in person.  1545 Media has entered into a multi-year contract to provide live streaming of the event.  Our production team is using state of the art wireless internet technology to establish a live link to the web with scalable bandwidth so that our team can broadcast from virtually anywhere!

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