The Cardinal’s Awards Dinner 2011

2011 Cardinal's Awards Dinner Website

The 2011 Website for The Cardinal's Awards Dinner

Each year, The Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles hosts a fundraising dinner at The Renaissance Hotel on Hollywood and Highland.  The purpose of the dinner is to support the most needy of Catholic schools inLos Angeles.  Over the past 20 years, the dinner has raised over $8,000,000.

The Archdiocese asked 1545 Media back for another year to continue management of the dinner’s website which serves as the source of all information leading up to the dinner.  Our work includes maintaining pages with pertinent information regarding event time, how to give, and details about this year’s beneficiary.

Additionally, we produced a video showing the great need of Guardian Angel Parish in Pacoima.  Our video’s sole purpose was to give its viewers’ a first hand experience with the people of the parish.

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LMU’s 2010 Christmas E-Mail Message

LMU Alumni Appeal Message for Christmas 2010

LMU Alumni Appeal Message for Christmas 2010

Everyone knows the economy is rough, spending is down, and fundraising is harder than ever. Loyola Marymount Universitywas looking for a compelling and cost effective solution for an alumni base that is largely under the age of 40 and who is more inclined to want to open an email, rather than a letter.

LMU decided 1545 Media was perfect for the job and contracted us to produce their 2010 Christmas Alumni Appeal Message.  We set to work writing a script, producing a 90 second video, and developing a customized email solution that allowed our client to communicate with 35,000 people.

Our solution included a personalized email, a link to a video page where alums could watch a video reminding them of what makes LMU great, and a link to a support page where they could contribute.  For our client we deployed detailed analytics that allowed them to review the activity of their alums every step of the way.

The campaign was a total success; bringing in more money than past efforts.  Check out the video we produced here.

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Can E-Marketing Benefit You?

1545 Media develops customized e-mail marketing solutions

Whether you’re part of a non-profit fundraising for a cause or a business wanting to create brand awareness, e-mail marketing is the right way to generate demand.  Analysis has shown that e-mail marketing has one of the highest investment return per dollar of any marketing method.  1545 Media has built a customized e-marketing solution to help your organization make the most of every campaign. 

Our e-campaigns use four core technologies to get you noticed:

  • Professionally designed email communications targeted to your customer base
  • Hi-Definition streaming video to make your product or cause stand out
  • Integration of secure online payment terminals to handle your purchases or donations
  • Robust tracking to provide reports on visitor activity
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Online Marketing is a Must in a Down Economy

Online Marketing as a Higher Return on Investment

Online Marketing Maximizes Return on Investment

We all know that the economy of today is the toughest it’s been in a long time and the extra spending people were doing just a few years ago has dried up.  Now is the time for organizations, especially non-profits, to pay extra attention to their marketing plans.  Analysts are reporting that online marketing is the fastest growing segment of marketing and it’s due in part to the ability of an organization to accurately track the results of a specific campaign.  In fact, analysts predict that by the year 2013 half of all internet users will be using social media networks in their day-to-day life and this means organizations should be building their social networks now as a cost effective way to maintain their demographics. 

1545 Media’s New Media department is a leader in using social media, search engine optimization, and analytical analysis to help organizations to more cost effectively manage their advertising budget.  Our team’s goal is to help you create greater demand for your product, service, or organization by maximizing awareness in your specific demographic.

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1545 Media becomes distributor of major brands

1545 Media is pleased to announce it is a distributor for major brands including Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Onkyo, Fender, Flip, Monster, Memorex, and plenty of other brands.  Give us a call or email us for a quote on any product you may need, big or small!

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