Trident University Adds Live Video Streaming to their Commencement Day

1545 Media Live Video Streaming Computer Setup

Distance learning is an ever growing way for students to earn degrees at their own pace.  Since the turn of the century and the proliferation of the internet, enrollment in online courses has increased drastically.  For members of the US Armed Forces, Trident University has been providing a flexible online curriculum that allows them to continue their studies at their own pace.  When it came to commencement time, Trident was looking for a way to extend this wonderful celebration to all members of their graduating class and their family and friends that might be not be able to with them in person.  1545 Media has entered into a multi-year contract to provide live streaming of the event.  Our production team is using state of the art wireless internet technology to establish a live link to the web with scalable bandwidth so that our team can broadcast from virtually anywhere!

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LA Fitness Uses New Media For It’s New Hires

Kelly Noonan in LA Fitness's New Hire Orientation Videos

LA Fitness with its many clubs and employees throughout theUSandCanadadecided to make their life a little easier and utilize new media for employee orientation for all their new hires.  Shot entirely in studio by1545 Media,Pasadena, the videos, featuring Kelly Noonan, offer new employees a quick and easy reference to everything they need to know from employee applications to payroll to dress codes – all within reach of their computers.

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South Lake Business Association Development Forum

The South Lake Business Association has been exploring a long-term vision for redeveloping the district.  They held an open forum with business owners and residents to discuss the needs and concerns of the area and hired development plan expert, Kennedy Smith, to help formulate a master plan. 

1545 Media volunteered their production team to broadcast the message online for the South Lake Business Association so the community could be kept involved with the ongoing plans.

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California Distressed Asset Fund Introduces the Save Your Home Plan

Byron Meo, President of the Meo Group, was launching The California Distressed Asset Fund to use investor money to purchase distressed homes in Southern California from their owners and lease them back to them while helping rehabilitate their credit and prepare them to buy back their homes. 

The Meo Group entrusted 1545 Media with the task of creating a series of videos to promote the launch of the fund.  Our client asked us to develop stories that both educated the homeowner facing foreclosure and the investor looking for a safe and profitable investment opportunity.  Our work took us to cities throughout Southern California, documenting the stories of families helped by the fund, while developing a compelling reason for investors to put their money into The California Distressed Asset Fund.

 Check out one of the videos here.

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Pasadena City Council Candidates Forum

City of Pasadena, CA City Hall

City Council Election 2011

This year is election year for the City ofPasadenaand councilmember positions are up for grabs in districts 1, 2, 4, and 6.  The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce wanted to produce a forum for the candidates to address the questions of residents in the area.  

1545 Media volunteered their equipment and crew to produce the live event for Pasadena’s Cable Access Channel and the Chamber of Commerce website so that residents that couldn’t make the event could stay up to date on the candidates’ positions.

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