LMU’s 2010 Christmas E-Mail Message

LMU Alumni Appeal Message for Christmas 2010

LMU Alumni Appeal Message for Christmas 2010

Everyone knows the economy is rough, spending is down, and fundraising is harder than ever. Loyola Marymount Universitywas looking for a compelling and cost effective solution for an alumni base that is largely under the age of 40 and who is more inclined to want to open an email, rather than a letter.

LMU decided 1545 Media was perfect for the job and contracted us to produce their 2010 Christmas Alumni Appeal Message.  We set to work writing a script, producing a 90 second video, and developing a customized email solution that allowed our client to communicate with 35,000 people.

Our solution included a personalized email, a link to a video page where alums could watch a video reminding them of what makes LMU great, and a link to a support page where they could contribute.  For our client we deployed detailed analytics that allowed them to review the activity of their alums every step of the way.

The campaign was a total success; bringing in more money than past efforts.  Check out the video we produced here.

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